Prevention Action Alliance Webinar

Cindy Clouner, Ohio College Initiative
Stephen M. Gavazzi, College Town Assessment

2016 International Town-Gown Association (ITGA) Conference, Chicago, IL. "Creating a Town-Gown Culture of Mutual Benefit."

Panelists: Dr. Doug Baker (President, Northern Illinois University), Mr. John Rey (Mayor, DeKalb, IL), and Anne Marie Gaura (City Manager, DeKalb, IL).

Panel Moderator: Stephen M. Gavazzi (The Ohio State University).

2014 International Town-Gown Association (ITGA) Conference, Clemson, SC. “A Town-Gown Typology.”

Presenters: Dr. Jeff Martin (Clemson University), Dr. Stephen M. Gavazzi (The Ohio State University), and Dr. Michael Fox (Mount Allison University).

2016 Civic Engagement Conference, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. “Conceptual and Empirical Steps Toward the Study of Civic Engagement.”

Presenters: Dr. Stephen M. Gavazzi (The Ohio State University) with Introductions by Dr. Richard Davis and Dr. Ben Ogles (Brigham Young University)

Let the Citizens Speak (PDF)
Presentation to the International Town Gown Association

May 30, 2017