11/13/18 - Survey to ask Wicomico residents about Salisbury University's relationship with city

Salisbury University is launching a survey that asks Wicomico County residents to share their opinions about the institution's relationship with the city. Read more:

11/12/18 - Salisbury University seeking input from residents on relationship between college and city

Wicomico County residents currently have the chance to voice their opinions on the relationship between Salisbury University and the city of Salisbury. Read more:

11/9/18 - At Villanova, a full-court press to improve town-gown relations

Driving down Lancaster Avenue, it is hard not to notice what's happening at Villanova. Read more:

9/18/18 - Villanova U.-Lower Merion Alcohol Use Assessment Completed

The results of a student alcohol use data-gathering survey between Lower Merion Township and Villanova University, provided by the Pennsylvania Municipal League (PML), have been released, with the implementation of the recommendations set as the next step. Read more:


A survey of the Laramie community, including University of Wyoming, Laramie County Community College’s Albany County campus and WyoTech students that launches Monday, Feb. 12, will help measure community and campus perceptions of one another. Read more:

4/13/17 - Making the Town-Gown Marriage Work, by Stephen M. Gavazzi in Governing magazine

A harmonious relationship benefits both sides. Community leaders need to take a more active role in pursuing and nurturing that. Read more:

2/28/17 - Salisbury University's Optimal College Town Assessment Dashboard

The Optimal College Town Assessment is a biannual survey that provides important insight to Salisbury University's Town-Gown Council by assessing the strength and quality of SU's campus and community relationships. In 2015, over 8,000 campus and community members were invited to share their perspectives by completing this survey. This dashboard summarizes the results of the assessment. Read more:

9/4/16 - The Town-Gown Relationship

Peg and Don Hambrick’s neighbors include other couples, families, single professionals ... and about 40 fraternities. Traditionally, that mix of permanent residents and fun-loving students in The Highlands has caused clashes over late-night noise, trampled lawns, and inebriated revelers. Read more:,1469018/

3/21/16 - Town-gown a land-grant's duty

Creating an engaging relationship with its surrounding community can and should be a public university's mission, writes Stephen Gavazzi, and his research shows the commandments to follow to make it a success. Read more:

1/8/16 - OSU-M dean pens book on "town-gown" relationships

OSU Mansfield's dean and director says The Ohio State University at Mansfield-North Central State College campus and the Richland County community are "riding on a great wave." Read more:

10/7/15 - Salisbury University to study town-gown ties

SU is among three universities in the United States participating in the Optimal College Town Assessment. Read more:

9/1/14 - For better or for worse: How town-gown relationships are like a marriage

Dean Stephen M. Gavazzi points out that as the university goes, so goes the community, and vice versa. Read more: